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Wake Electric Drives Distribution Grid Efficiencies without Impacting Members

Wake Electric Membership Corp. (Wake), a not-for-profit cooperative providing energy to more than 40,000 consumers in seven North Carolina counties, needed a non-intrusive, reliable solution that reduced demand without impacting their members’ lifestyles. Wake deployed OATI’s Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) application, OATI webDistribute CVR, to their 40,000 meters, saving thousands of dollars each month.

OATI webDistribute CVR is helping Wake:

  • Monitor, forecast, schedule, and manage load to reduce demand during peak periods
  • Report voltage and demand measurements from Bellwether meters
  • Reduce voltage throughout their distribution grid
  • View Real-Time data to provide precise measurements for maximum load reduction
  • Optimize load reduction without affecting customers

To read the Wake Electric Case Study and learn more about OATI webDistribute CVR, fill out the form to request your copy today.